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Title: Moving In
Author: Rosieknight
Universe: AU of the Marvel Movie-verse.
Rating: G
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Nick Fury, and General Ross.
Warnings: First person POV?

I’m trying not to think about it as I put my clothes away in the dresser. This morning’s incident can be forgotten for all I care.

Thank god for Tony. He could’ve turned me away when I showed up this morning, carrying my few possessions.

I had no place else to go, except back to SHIELD Headquarters and the Army General waiting there- No. I’m not thinking about it.


Think about Tony instead. About our chance meeting, where I literally bumped into him as I explored a Times Square so different, but so fundamentally similar to the one I remember.

I can’t hold the memory.

Instead, my thoughts drift back to this morning.

I’d just finished my morning workout in SHIELD’s gym and was removing the tape from my hands, when I heard voices in the hall. Colonel Fury and someone with a gruff, male voice were discussing something.

Normally, I’d have ignored them. Ever since the serum, I try to avoid listening to all the conversations that I can hear. Last thing anyone needs is an eavesdropper, especially on private conversations.

Normal conversations don’t sound like arguments. This one did.

I figured I’d listen for a little bit and play distraction if Colonel Fury needed some back up.

I got more than I bargained for.

Fury was arguing with a General Ross about me. Ross wanted to recreate the super-soldier program, and for that he needed me. Or, as he put it “the successful experiment.”

Fury tried pointing out that I’d only been awake and home for a couple of weeks; that I needed time to adjust to this time; and that I’d been MIA long enough to be considered KIA.

Ross didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, I’m still a member of the Army.

No. Be truthful, Steve.

‘As far as I’m concerned, Colonel,’ Ross said, ‘Captain Rodgers is still the property of the US Army and has been ever since he agreed to receive Erskine’s serum. He’s just another fancy piece of equipment for the lab boys.’

I didn’t catch much after that. Not that I really needed to hear more.

I escaped SHIELD Headquarters. I had to. I couldn’t face the thought of being sent to a lab someplace, where I’d never see sunlight or Tony again. Never be able to just go for a stroll, try new food because I wanted to, or visit a museum to see what has and hasn’t changed.

By the time I reached Tony’s place, I’m mentally praying that he’ll let me stay. I have no place else to go. Most of my friends and possible allies are either dead or in no shape to help me.

And Tony didn’t have to take me in. We’re still mostly strangers, despite spending almost everyday together for the past two weeks. There’s a world of difference between wandering the city with someone and letting them stay in your apartment.

But he took one look at me and invited me in. I don’t know what Tony saw that inspired him to let me stay here, but I’m grateful for it.

I flatten my duffle and stick it in the bottom drawer of the dresser. Glancing up, I smile at Tony. I’ll put the shield away later.

I’ve been off balance ever since I woke up in the future. With Tony’s help, I think that’s all about to change.
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