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Title: Unidentified Flying Doghouse
Author: Rosieknight
Characters: Steve, Tony
Universe: Any that has Stark/Avengers Tower in it.
Rating: PG/G There's one swear word.
Words: 507

Notes: For my bingo card space Crossovers: Other Comics.

“Steve, suit up. The Tower’s sensors report an incoming bogey at 11 o’clock,” Tony’s voice rang over the Avengers communicator.

“What?” Blinking, Steve abandoned his sketchbook to start pulling on his uniform. “Tony, where did it come from?”

“I don’t know! It just appeared on the security screens,” called Tony over the familiar clicks of the assembling armor.

“Copy that. Do we have visual contact?”

Tony didn’t answer for a long moment then Iron Man’s modulated tones replied, “Not yet. I’m getting visual contact …now.” A sudden tense silence filled the line. “What the hell is that?”

“Iron Man?”

“There’s got to be something wrong with my cameras. Cap, get to the Quinjet hanger. I’ll meet you in the air in a moment,” he paused. “Be careful, Steve. I don’t know what’s out there.”

“I’m always careful,” Captain America grinned for a moment. He sobered. “I’ll be careful. Please contact the FAA for me…” his voice trailed off. “Iron Man, what exactly did your cameras show was outside?”

“…. Why?”

“Because I’m seeing a red, flying doghouse being piloted by a black and white dog in a World War I pilots gear. And I’d like some reassurance that I’m not seeing things nor going mad,” responded the Captain.

“That’s what my cameras are showing, Cap. So, it’s not just you.” Iron Man muttered, “I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.” He continued in a louder tone, “Hold on, I’ll meet you on the launch pad.”

“Copy that.” The super-soldier drew his sidearm as he watched the flying doghouse descend towards the Quinjet’s landing platform. “Iron Man, the pilot is attempting to land. Given the damage it has already sustained, I doubt it’ll keep flying much longer.”

“Cap, it shouldn’t be able to fly at all! It’s a doghouse! It has no wings, rotors, or engines!” groused Iron Man. “Fine. It can land on my building and we’ll deal with the situation if either the doghouse or the dog proves hostile.”

“If it helps, the pilot appears to be unarmed and I have him in my sights.”

The communication line was silent for a moment. “It does, actually.”

Rather than re-opening the communication channel, Captain America waited for Iron Man to touch down on the landing pad before speaking. “You’re not going to believe this. Apparently the dog is a World War I Flying Ace, the doghouse is a Sopwith Camel, and he was shot down by the Red Baron.”

“….Let me guess. He wants a root beer and believes he was shot down over France?”

From behind Captain America’s helmet, Steve Rogers gawked Iron Man. “Yeah. How did you know?”

“I’ve read ‘Peanuts’.” At Steve’s confused look, he continued, “It’s a comic strip. The dog, Snoopy, is a character in it.”

“Oh. I guess that explains the flying doghouse.”

“Yup,” Tony grinned behind his mask. “I’ll lend you my collections of the comic, if you want, Cap.”

“Sure. Now let’s go have a root beer with the World War I Flying Ace over there.”



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