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Title: Setting the Scene
Author: Rosieknight
Beta: None
Characters: Steve, Tony
Universe: Movieverse AU
Rating: PG
Words: 545 (Story alone), approx. 700 with notes.
Warning: Discussion of role play scenarios and an absolutely horrible fake French accent. Footnotes at the end of the story.

Notes: For my Bingo Card space Kink: Role Play. In this case, 'prop' means 'propeller.'

Summary: Steve and Tony discuss their next role play scenario.

“Oh! Zee Captain is awake!”

Steve broke out laughing. “That’s a horrible French accent, Tony.” Pressing a kiss to Tony’s temple, he added, “I won’t be able to keep a straight face or my mind in the game if you do that one.”

“So the ‘grateful French winery worker and the American liberator’ is out?” mused Tony.

“At least until your French accent improves, yes. What other ideas did you have, sweetheart?”

Tony shrugged, “It depends if we stick with ‘American soldier’ as part of the role play or not. For example, we could do ‘Antonio, the Italian guitar maker and the American GI’ if you wanted.”

“You’re the one who wanted ‘World War II American soldier’ role in this,” commented Steve. “I’m going to enjoy another chance to wear my Army uniform for you, but I think you’re too focused on the overseas aspects of this.”

“Oh?” Tony frowned thoughtfully. “What were you thinking, Sweets?”

“We could do something like ‘returning American soldier reunites with the fella he left behind a little over two years ago’.”* At Tony’s dubious expression, Steve continued, “your character could be a brilliant inventor who’s too important to the war effort to send overseas. And I don’t mean your character would be working on the Manhattan Project, either. You could have been working on improving radar, sonar, or the SCR-300 radios. Developing amphibious landing craft or a working jet airplane also would’ve gotten you funding, but required you to stay Stateside.”

“True. And I kind of like the idea of racing Messerschmitt to produce the first jet fighter. Or would that be Messerschmitt, Stark Industries, and Hydra?” wondered Tony.

“Just Messerschmitt,” Steve replied. “Hydra’s aircraft tended to be jet/prop hybrids, including the Valkyrie.”# He paused. “Does this mean you’re ok with the role?”

“Designing jets is a bit different from designing missiles or landmines.” Tony shrugged, “And I can understand the appeal of aiding the war effort if it meant you’d come home safe as soon as possible, Cap.” He grinned. “And I’m guess that ‘jet maker’ means that you want me in my lab gear, all oil-stained and disheveled, with my welding goggles either forgotten around my neck or in my hair?”

“Yes, please.”

“So, I’m working in the lab when you walk in, dressed in your Army uniform?”

“Or maybe you’re waiting for me to arrive home, since you know how much I like it when you look like you’re fresh from building something?” suggested Steve.

Tony laughed. “That works too. So, you arrive from London in your full dress drabs and?”

“And it’s the first time I’ve been home after being away from you for over two years.” Steve grinned. “I’m thinking rough, against the wall sex for the first round.”

“First round?” echoed Tony.

Laughing, Steve stole a kiss. “Sweetheart, do you really think we’d be satisfied with just one round after being separated for a bit over two years?”

“I see your point.” Tony paused. “So what happens next?”

“We make love to each other, slow and sweet, until we’re both exhausted and ready to collapse into sleep,” Steve murmured into Tony’s ear.

“I like the way you think, Sweets,” purred Tony. “Meet you back here in half an hour to get started?”



*For the 'over two years' thing, I'm assuming that Steve met Erskine and enlisted on the same day (14 June 1943) as the fight in the alley. V-E Day (Victory in Europe) is 8 March 1945 and V-J Day (Victory over Japan, aka V-P Day, or Victory in Pacific) is either 15 August 1945 or 2 September 1945, depending if you count the announcement or actual signing of the surrender as the end of World War II. Steve and I are assuming that he'd have been transferred to the Pacific Theater after V-E Day, had he not been frozen.

#The Valkyrie has two jet engines and eight propeller engines.

Other Dates from the movie:
Steve's birthday: July 4, 1918
Failed enlistment/fight in the alley: June 14, 1943
Newspaper article about Steve/possibly Rebirth: June 23, 1943
Steve left to rescue Bucky (from dialog): 3rd of the month.
Date on letter to Senator Brandt: September 10, 1943? (I think. It's really blurry.)

Date Assumptions and Opinions:
Bucky Ships Out: June 15, 1943 ('tomorrow' from the fight)
Steve and Erskine talk in the barracks: Either June 21 or 22, 1943 (depends on Rebirth)
Rebirth: June 22 or 23, 1943 (depending on if the Home Edition is a morning or evening edition)
Bucky falls: late March or very early April 1945 (From here on, this is all only my opinion.)
Steve went down: mid-April 1945
Steve wakes up: July 22, 2011 (The movie's release date in the USA, but still my opinion.)


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