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These fics were originally submitted to Goddess-in-Green's tumblr under the alias Outside Voice Anon, but I decided to publish them here as well.

I am the author of all the fics posted within.
Welcome to Night Vale belongs Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, and not to me. This is a labor of love, not profit.
Any art referenced belongs to Carro/Goddess-in-Green.

Halloween picture mini-fic

"So," Carlos asked, wrapping his arms around Cecil's waist, "What did you put in my coffee? Love potion? A stamina enhancing potion? That kink enhancer that we both enjoy so much?"

"A lust potion, actually," Cecil admitted, shivering at the nipping kisses along his jaw.

"Lust..." Carlos laughed. "Querido, you don't need anything like that. You're all the aphrodisiac I need, Cecil."

Untitled 1

Cecil took a deep breath. He could do this. There was nothing to be afraid of - the danger his mother had spoken of was long past. Now... now it was the only way to contact the other. The only way to explain the desperate plan Dana, Carlos, and he had hashed out. The Orphanage in Night Vale was horrible. The shards of data they'd gathered hinted Desert Bluff's was worse. He had to do this. He reached up, and pulled the cover off the bathroom mirror. "Hello, Kevin."


"You got a haircut! Er... I mean, hi, Cecil. Nice of you to visit again. Caesar's still asleep... And...." Kevin trailed off. "Why'd you get a haircut? I mean, it's your hair. You can do whatever you want with it, of course. I just... When... Before you and Carlos freed Caesar and I, Strexcorp's contract had me so tightly bound that even my hair couldn't grow. I used to envy you for that, under the drugs. I guess I'm still not over everything that happened, huh?"

Short Cecil Monologue

"Some things don't go away, no matter how much magic or science you throw at it or what contracts you sign or what miracles you strive for. And that's life. But sometimes... just sometimes, things work out. They fall in place the way you want them to," the speaker looked down at his hands. "It's not perfect, but it's the best we could do, considering everything. Anyway, you have one more, final day together as a family. Spend it well. Goodnight, Kevin, goodnight."

Mobile Radio Unit

"Cecil?" My voice breaks the silence filling the car.

My radio host glances at me, shivering, “Yes, my Carlos?”

"If… if they don’t let you broadcast again tomorrow, don’t cobble together make-shift equipment and broadcast from the roof again, querido," I request.

Cecil shakes his head. “Darling, I have to broadcast everyday. It’s in my contract.”

"That’s not what I mean." I wince at the sharpness of my voice and try to soften it a bit, "Sorry. I mean, come to the lab and broadcast from there. If nothing else, it’ll be warmer."

Cecil purses his lips, thinking. “There’s nothing in my contract that says I must broadcast from the station,” he finally agrees.

My team’s fond of Cecil. They’ve practically adopted him.

Strex tried to silence Cecil today.

If they try again tomorrow… well, Strex won’t know what hit them.

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