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Title: Someone Made A Big Mistake.
Author: Rosieknight
Characters: Steve, Tony
Universe: Any.
Rating: G or PG (One swear word.)
Words: 574

Notes: For my Bingo Card space Handcuffed Together.

Summary: Steve and Tony are handcuffed together and sitting in a jail cell. What?

Tony jerks awake with a groan, heart pounding despite the arc reactor’s influence. He glanced around the room with wide, frightened eyes. The tan stone walls are nothing like the cave, but he still feels panic and memories rising inside his mind like a dark tide.

“Tony?” Steve’s voice cuts through the oncoming flashbacks and terror and pulls Tony back to himself.

“Tony? Are you with me, sweetheart?”

“Yeah,” rasps Tony, “I’m here.”

The arm holding Tony close tightens a little in a subtle hug. “Good,” Steve murmurs into Tony’s dark hair.

Tony can feel Steve as shifts into Captain America, his posture straightening and becoming more military. It normally means the end of cuddling and other enjoyable pastimes, but this time Cap keeps his arms around Tony’s waist.

He opens his mouth to ask, but Cap whispers into Tony’s ear, “Don’t use my alias. We’re being watched, but they don’t know who we are. They think we’re two ordinary guys.”

“You know, Steve, when I said my plans for tonight involved you and a pair of hand cuffs, this isn’t what I meant,” Tony teases as he leans back into Cap’s warm, reassuring bulk.

Cap chuckles and cuddles Tony close. “I know.”

Silence fills the room for a long moment, while Tony turns over ideas for escape plans in his mind. Finally, curiosity gets the better of him, “What happened, Steve? Last thing I remember is you telling me to get some sleep because we’d reach the cabin in a few hours.”

Steve coughs, blushing slightly. Embarrassment pulls the Brooklyn boy from behind the military façade as he explains, “We needed gas, so I pulled off of the highway at this town. I’d just filled the tank when the sheriff pulls into the gas station. I guess there has been a rash of car thefts in this area. The car supposedly matched the description of the most recent theft, stolen by a blonde man and his black haired accomplice.”

Tony stares. “What? They think we’re car thieves? Are you serious? Did they even get a look at either of our drivers’ licenses? Hell, how many Audi R8 Spyders are out there with…?”

“I’m not done, Tony,” interrupts Steve.

With the air of one granting a great boon, Tony sighs, “Fine. Continue please.”

“Thank you. The sheriff did take my license, but I don’t think he actually looked at it because he didn’t commit on my birth year. And that’s not the only odd thing. No one’s asked for your license or the registration of the Spyder, nor has anyone mentioned either the custom license plate or looking up who owns that plate within my hearing range. And,” Steve pauses to catch his breath. “Both you and Fury have said that people getting arrested get a phone call. I haven’t gotten a chance to make one. They ignore me when I ask. I think we’re in trouble, Tony.”

“I’ll say,” Tony mutters. “Why didn’t you try to escape while I was out?”

Steve moves his arm into Tony’s line of sight. The silver band connecting Steve’s right arm to Tony’s left makes the words redundant, but Steve says them anyway. “We’re handcuffed together. And, while I can easily carry you, I didn’t want to risk you catching a bullet because of it.”

“Ah.” Hesitating, Tony flicks his eyes up to Steve’s, “And now?”

Cap smiles a soldier’s grim the-battle-is-won-despite-the-cost smile. “Now we escape.”

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