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Title: Friday at the Con
Author: Rosieknight
Characters: Steve, Tony
Universe: Movieverse AU.
Rating: PG
Words: 506

Notes: For my Bingo Card space Kink: Costume Sex (dressing up as something/someone else). This story is a stand-alone fic, but it's also a part of a larger story of Steve's first convention experience. Each day is effectively it's own story. The whole thing will be posted eventually. I hope.

Summary: Friday is Steve's only chance to freely wander the convention.

The various aspects of Steve’s life may conflict, but they don’t normally threaten to collide head on. At least, they hadn’t until the convention this weekend.

Marvel expected their new artist, Steve Rogers, to attend their booth and panels.

SHIELD wanted Captain America at the Avengers’ panel and autograph sessions.

Thankfully, the convention’s organizers had been very helpful with their scheduling when Captain America indicated a desire to attend both panels. Neither SHIELD nor Marvel would be completely happy with him, but Steve was prepared for that.

According to Tony, Steve’s back pay could cover his current expenses. If he unexpectedly needed more money, Steve had enough works for a decent show in an art gallery. Both Tony and Pepper sounded more than happy to commission or buy pieces from Steve when they’d seen his work.

Besides, the chances of his laughable cover surviving the convention intact are miniscule at best. With all the hype surrounding the Avengers, people will be taking pictures at every opportunity. It’d just take one person or one picture for people to realize Captain America and Marvel’s artist Steve Rogers are the same person.

He’s looking forward to it, despite tomorrow’s busy schedule.

Today, it’s just the two of them, wandering around the convention as merely another couple in costume. It’s a nice change of pace.

“Hey, Link,” Tony’s teasing voice interrupts his musing. “Are there any panels you want to see? Did you spot anything you wanted to buy?” He sobers a little when a Keyblade hilt bangs against the disguised USO shield on Steve’s back. “How’s the shield cover been holding up?”

“Hello, Boromir,” Steve grins back. “I did like that Master Sword replica you pointed out, but I wouldn’t be able to wear or carry it in here. There are a couple of shirts, and a few other things I’d like to get. And the cover’s been holding up quite well,” he chuckles. “People have been asking me where I got it. I’ve been telling them it was a gift and I don’t know who made it, which is true.”


Steve frowns at Tony’s carefully neutral tone. “Is something wrong?”

“I was just wondering if you’d want to head back to the hotel for a while…” Tony trails off, his hand suggestively placed on Steve’s ass.

Steve steals a kiss and murmurs, “This is the fourth time today. We’ve had sex in the hotel room and in two different bathrooms here. Security almost caught us the last time. Tony, you’re insatiable.” Grinning, he adds, “I like it.”

“What can I say, Sweets? You look good in tights and tight tops.”

“I take it you want me to keep this costume for future use?” asks Steve, blushing. He grins and quietly promises, “I’ll wear my USO costume for you, sometime, if you’d like, Tony. But now, I need to buy my things so we can head out.”

“Sure thing, Sweets,” purrs Tony.

Quickly making his purchases, Steve grins to himself. Tomorrow might be rough, but today was wonderful.
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