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Title: Four Valentine's Days
Author: Rosieknight
Beta: None
Characters: Steve, Tony
Universe: Movieverse AU
Rating: PG
Words: 616
Warning: Implied sex? Really, it's just fluff.

Summary: Four Valentine's Days in Steve and Tony's relationship.

Roses are Red

Their fist Valentine’s Day together, Tony goes to extravagant lengths to make it special.

He flies them to Paris for a week filled with the expensive trappings of romance and red.

Red roses in their room, red silk sheets on their bed, red boxes filled with chocolates, and even red wine and red velvet cake in the little cafés where they eat while exploring the city.

Steve finally pins Tony to their bed and murmurs, “I don’t love you for your money or because we can visit Paris. I love you because you’re Tony. So don’t worry about impressing me or making me fall in love with you because you already do, everyday, just by being yourself.” He grins, running his fingers of the red scrap of cloth at Tony’s waist. “But I won’t object if you buy more of these thongs for me to strip off of you.”

Violets are Blue

They celebrate Valentine’s almost a week late, thanks to missions and business world shenanigans. The original plan of heading away for a three-day weekend is long abandoned in favor of the penthouse of Stark Tower.

Tony arrives first, landing in the armory to disassemble the Iron Man. He strips out of the black under-suit and plucks the red thong from alongside the portfolio and blue-covered sketchbook that make up Steve’s gift.

(Later that night, Steve thanks him by biting and sucking little purple-blue bruises into Tony’s thighs.)

Still in his Captain America uniform, Steve stops by his room turned art studio to grab his gift for Tony. A portrait of Tony, lit only by the arc reactor, done entirely in shades of blue and a pair of blue panties held together only by violet laces on either side.

(The portrait ends up in the armory. Tony orders the panties in bulk for their next few trips and getaways.)

They meet in their bedroom with a kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Steve.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Tony.”

Sugar is Sweet

Steve paints chocolate on Tony’s bare skin for their first Valentine’s as a married couple. The chocolate is cool against Tony’s chest, but not cold, and the brush tickles a little with each stroke. The look on Steve’s face is worth any discomfort, though.

“Like what you see, Sweets?”

“Always,” Steve answers, drawing a circle around the arc reactor, “when I’m looking at you.”

Tony laughs. “God, that’s sappy. I married the world’s biggest sap. And the brush tickles. Not that I’m complaining, I just thought you’d want to know.”

“Will you be alright until I finish up?”

“That depends,” Tony begins, eyes glinting with mischief, “on what you’re drawing. I make no promises if you’re recreating the Sistine Chapel.”

“I put a wing – the Howling Commando’s symbol – on each one of your pectorals, my shield on the arc reactor, and I’m currently writing ‘Property of Capt. Steven G. Rogers-Stark’ along your lower chest and stomach.” Steve pauses and smirks, “and then I’ll lick every single line off of you.”

Tony swallows hard. “Damn, that’s hot. Ok. Sweets, you go ahead and finish that up. I’ll just lay here and try not to finish before you.”

Stealing a kiss, Steve murmurs against Tony’s lips, “happy Valentine’s Day, love.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Steve,” whispers Tony in response.

And So Are You

There’s just enough clear space in Tony’s lab to dance, if you’re careful about it.

And sometimes, when things are too hectic to make any plans between saving the world and business and just living as publicly-known married superheroes, that’s what they do.

They clear a space on the floor and dance.

They dance to songs from Steve’s time. They dance to songs Tony enjoys. And later, when the Super-Soldier Serum and Extremis keep them safe from time, they dance on other worlds to songs written on far away planets. They dance under the watchful eye of JARVIS, surrounded by Steve’s art and Tony’s robots.

It’s always Valentine’s Day.
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