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Another fic first posted anonymously at Goddess-in-Green's tumblr. I'm just coming off of anon.

Fink and Crannor own Welcome to Night Vale. I'm just playing in their sandbox for fun.

First Meeting! The Voice and The Outsider!

Carlos sat on the roof of the Radio Station, legs dangling over the edge. He stared sightlessly at Night Vale, a glowing map spread out below him.

His "home" for the next few months or until they ran him out of town, whichever came first. He'd put money on being run out of town.

At least Night Vale had plenty of interesting anomalies to study until his situation became untenable.

The sound of a footstep behind him pulled Carlos from his thoughts. He half turned to face the new comer, one hand braced against the roof to help support his somewhat awkward position.

Tall, elegant, and somehow lit by moonlight, The Voice met Carlos' gaze. The Voice waved before sitting down beside him. "Hello! I wanted to thank you for your help earlier. I'm not sure I could have defeated that mutated Spider-wolf on my own."

"You're welcome," Carlos replied automatically, trying to ignore the plainness and threadbare nature of his own uniform when compared to The Voice's. Hopefully the other man wasn't aware... "I'm Outsider," Carlos interrupted the flow of his thoughts, not wanting to dwell on what his outfit said about his mental state.

"Oh, I'd guessed that. You're one of the scientists, right?" The Voice grinned, "I know everyone in town and I don't recognize you, so you have to be an outsider."

Carlos shook his head. "No. I mean, yes, I am one of the scientists. That isn't what I meant, though. I'm not AN outsider. When I'm like this, I'm THE Outsider."

The Voice looked at Carlos more fully. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I don't fit anywhere. I don't really belong with the scientists because I have magic. The magic users look at me oddly for using and liking science. I've been pushed out of other places because the resident magical girls or magical guys didn't want me around for whatever reason. And... well... you're the only other male magical girl I've ever met." Something about The Voice made him easy to talk, to say things Carlos had never told another person. And, well, it wasn't likely they'd ever talk like this again or that The Voice would connect The Outsider to Carlos. "So, yeah. I don't fit." He glanced at The Voice. "I don't expect to be in Night Vale for long, no matter how scientifically interesting the town is. Sooner or later, my colleagues or enough of the town won't want me here anymore. And I'll have to move on."

"Oh." The Voice shifted slightly, brushing their shoulders together. "If it helps, I want you here."

Carlos smiled. "It does."

Sitting shoulder to shoulder, they stared out over Night Vale, keeping watch over the sleeping town.


Neither of them noticed The Outsider's uniform growing thicker and more vibrant or the tiny black rosebud appearing on the jacket collar.

But someone else did.

"Well, Erika, it looks like our Cecil is finally getting some help. Now come along, my shows are on."
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